Robes and Civic Regalia

The Town Mayor wears the Civic Regalia at full meetings of the Town Council and some official Town Council functions including Mayor’s Sunday, Cabbie Day, Carnival Day, Remembrance Sunday, the Vintage Christmas Fayre and the switching on of the High Street Christmas Lights. When the robes and regalia are worn, the Mace Bearer is in attendance to bear the Mace.

The Mayoral Chain

The Mayoral chain and badge date from 1874 and consists of, in it’s entirety, three rows of double sided linked shields onto which are engraved the names of successive Borough, and subsequently Town, Mayors making it a chain of some weight.


Early pictures of Mayors show that initially only one row was worn with a second being added, presumably when the first was fully engraved. The oldest engraved shield currently in the chain is 1918. The older links have been removed and are displayed in the Moot Hall. The central link, onto which is attached the Mayoral Badge, is flanked by two replica Maces and is engraved with the name of Leonard Bentall dated 1896.

The Mayoral Badge

This badge is worn according to the requirement of the occasion. It is either appended to the Mayoral chain (in effect part of the Dress Uniform of the Mayor) to be worn on all full civic occasions together with the scarlet Robes, or at other times with just the chain. Occasionally at informal events where the wearing of the full chain would be impractical, it is worn appended to a collarette.         

front-badge     back-mayor    

The central feature is that of the old Borough of Maldon Arms, however it is worth noting the surround of the badge as it contains some interesting features which could have been designed to link it to the Borough Mace.

You will see that interwoven with the leaves are Roses, thistles, shamrock, and at the bottom, a Fleur de Leys.                                                                          
The reverse records that the Badge and robes were presented to the Borough of Maldon by the members of the Corporation who consisted of the Mayor, Aldermen, Councillors and Officers such as the surveyor, clerk of the peace and treasurer. It includes such well known local names as Sadd and Bentall and Crick.

Mayoress’s Badge and Chain

This is a lovely badge which is attached to a chain of some refinement, giving it an almost Tudor appearance.
Whilst it contains shields, they have never been engraved. Its date of origin is unknown as unfortunately it is not engraved with any dates nor details of by whom it was presented. The bottom centre of the chain contains the shield of Essex County Council which was formed in 1889. Again the central feature of the badge is is the old Borough Arms.


 Deputy Mayor’s and Mayoress’s Badges

dep-mayor   dep-mayor-consort

Past Mayor and Mayoress’s Badges