Mayor’s Cadet

Mayor’s Cadet information and criteria

  1. In recognition of the important contribution the uniformed Cadets
    Services have made to the civic life of the Town over many years, each Town Mayor of Maldon may, at his discretion appoint one or more currently serving cadets from the Air Training Corps, Army Cadet Force, Sea Cadet Corps (including the Royal Marine Cadets) or St John’s Cadets as the Mayor’s Cadet for the municipal year.

  2. Criteria
    The cadet should have distinguished him/herself both individually within their organisation and demonstrated high levels of leadership and team working in their Cadet/social life.  Be of smart deportment and bearing. 

  3. Nomination
    Nominations will be accepted by any person who has personal knowledge of a cadet provided 2. above can be demonstrated. There is no set format however a letter setting out the reasons for the nomination will be most acceptable.
    The views of the Cadet Units Commanding Officer will be sought before any appointment is made if not the nomination person.

  4. Function
    The Mayor’s Cadet will be asked to attend all the civic occasions that take place in Maldon Town during the municipal year. Ordinarily these will include: Maldon Carnival, Mayors’ Civic Service, Remembrance Day and Maldon Vintage Christmas Evening.
    They may also be invited to attend other events where their presence will add to the profile of their organisation in the Town and wider community i.e. Mayoral charity and other civic events.

    N.B. Parents/ carers of any successful cadet will need to agree that the cadet can undertake the above activities at the commencement of their year in post. There will not necessarily be an opportunity for Parents/ Staff to attend events/functions with the cadet. They will be responsible for the travel arrangements of the cadet.

  5.  Uniform
    It will be required that the Mayor’s Cadet will attend in Full Uniform (ceremonial) for all events. If alternate uniform (undress) is appropriate during periods of hot weather, this would be communicated in advance to the cadet.

  6.  Appointment
    Cadets maybe appointed at any time during the municipal year however a meeting of the Full Town Council Mayor Making would be of greatest benefit to the Mayor and recipient.

    The successful Cadet will receive a framed certificate in recognition of the appointment. (see below).

    If at any time the Mayor’s Cadet wishes to relinquish the appointment they may do so upon written notification effective from the date of the letter.