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6 Jan, 14
New Year's Day 2014: The roar of the cannon, at…

Maldon Court School Prize Giving

On Friday the 12th July we were in All Saints’ Church, as the guests of Maldon Court School for their prize giving where I presented the scrolls of achievement and the trophies to those who had excelled in their academic work and those in other disciplines.  This was followed with a reception, at the school, for those leaving for senior schools and their parents.

Wentworth Primary School End of Term Play

In the evening Jeanette and I were at Wentworth Primary School to watch the top year perform their final end of term play - a brilliant performance of ‘Cinderella rock-a-fella’.      Thursday the 11th July had me on a ‘multiple retail opening day’.  I started at the body toning centre “Ten 2 Tone” in Wenlock Walk, I then went round the corner into the High Street to the new handbag shop ‘Ditzy’ (good job that Jeanette was elsewhere!), then it was to the upper end of the High Street where I ended by opening Isla Rose, the new tea and light refreshment in Edwards Walk establishment.

Maldon Pre-Schools Sports Day

Tuesday the 10th of July found me at the Maldon Brick House Farm Recreational Ground for the Maldon Pre-Schools Sports Day. At one of the races I and fellow councillor, John Bunkell, were challenged to show the youngster how the race should be done. I am not sure who had the greatest laugh us or the mums watching us ‘hula hooping’; with my chains of office flying all over the place.

Plume Academy Certificate Presentation

On Monday 9th July, I presented the Pupils of the Plume Academy with their certificate for their prize winning entry in the “Maldon in Bloom” competition. Their entry was the school ‘Bereavement Garden’, a project founded by the school last year for the pupils who have lost a parent. The secluded garden has been created by the pupils with plants that link them with their parent as a memory which they can visit and sit for a while.

"Record Reign" Launch at Maldon Hythe Quay

On Sunday, the 7th July,  we were back on the Hythe Quay (plus our Deputy Mayor Stephen) for the launch of “Record Reign” the first racing gig of the newly formed local racing gig group. Racing gigs have a crew of four oars rowers plus a Cox-person for the steering. Gig racing has a big following on the Devon Coast. We then all made our way into the Promenade Park for the biggest classic car show (it covered a third of the park) that the park has ever seen.

Maldon Housing Association Open Day

Saturday the 6th was a busy, but enjoyable, day for us. We started at Deed House which is one of three properties, in Maldon Town, of self-contained flats with support staff available, if needed. They are administered by the Maldon Housing Association which is an independent charity and not run by the ‘Council’.

Maldon in Bloom Competition

On Thursday 4th July, I had great pleasure in presenting the certificates for the ‘Maldon in Bloom Competition’. The standard of the entrants was so high that the judges (thank goodness I wasn’t one of them) were hard pressed to make their choices.

Cabbie's Day

The first Wednesday in July is ‘Cabby Day”. This annual event organised by the East London Cabbies Outing Committee is when the Black Cab drivers of East London have brought disadvantaged children from the East End for a day at the sea-side.  When it began, 61 years ago, the organisers asked if any Essex towns would support such an event. Maldon was the only one to offer support and thus started this tradition.

Bikes and Barges

The Hythe Quay was packed, on Sunday the 30th, because it was the annual “Bikes and Barges” event. This annual event is a motor bike owners come together where one can see both vintage and the latest in motor bikes, as well as being able to visit the Thames Barges moored alongside the quay. There was a large contingent of Harley Davidson’s including an olive green one with siren and holster, on the front forks, for (and containing) a rifle. It was a wonderful day, both weather-wise and enjoyment for the vast numbers who attended the event on this the last day of the month.

Armed Forces Day 2013

On Saturday the 29th we were the guests of the Maldon District Council which had organised the ‘Armed Forces Day’ on the Longfield public area outside the District Council offices. This worthwhile event for both former and serving members of the armed forces had exhibits ranging from a First World War Type plane to military vehicles from the Falklands Conflict era.


Amred Forces Day 2013

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