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10 Nov, 15
Maldon Remembrance Parade 2015: On Sunday 8th November 2015,…

Maldon High Street Market

As Town Mayor I was very sorry to see the District Council’s trial of a High Street Market in Maldon fail recently following the unexpected decision of the market organizer to pull out; I understand that the requirement to remove Market Traders vehicles proved to be too much to ask of them following a range of other issues and complaints.

As a District Councillor myself, I confess that I had envisaged a more up-beat Farmers style market but as the tender didn’t attract any other takers, unfortunately, that’s what we were left with.

Cabbie Day 1st July 2015

Cabbie day 2015

Each year the citizens of ‘The Great town of Maldon’ enthusiastically turn out to welcome the East London Taxi Drivers who give up their working day to bring their special passengers of under privileged and disabled children from London’s East End to Maldon for a meal and a fun day of activities at the Promenade.

Mayor's Blog - Monday 22nd June 2015

I am delighted to announce that on Monday 22nd June 2015 five from nine applicants who had put themselves forward for co-option as Councillors were successfully appointed by Maldon Town Council at a meeting at the Town Hall.

I was pleased with the 'very high calibre' of the applicants; all interviewed very well and I am confident that they will be very supportive to the Council and the good work it undertakes for the great town of Maldon.

Mayor's Blog - Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My municipal year features ‘The year of our neighbour’ and I hope to encourage people in our community to work together with your councillors, your local business leaders and charitable groups to make good things happen in Maldon. I intend to arrange a series of events this year to raise money for local organisations and I do hope that you will support me by coming to as many as you can.

This is what is planned so far so make a note on your diaries.

Our Joint Objective this Year will be the ‘Year of our neighbour’

I feel highly honoured and privileged to serve as the Town’s 206th Mayor, a tradition which dates back to 1687 when the very first mayor was appointed.  The office was re-introduced in 1810 and I am delighted to have been selected by my colleagues and to be associated with the long running continuation of the role. As Mayor I will always remember that I am merely the current holder of the role, and the position is all about the office, its ceremony and doing the very best for the town and its local residents.

An Introduction from Maldon Town Mayor, Cllr. Mark Heard

I am immensely proud to tell you that recently I was unanimously chosen by Maldon Town Councillors to be the 206th Mayor in the long running continuation of the role. I am extremely grateful to my predecessor Cllr Stephen NUNN for his excellent work over the past twelve months. He regularly updated  this Mayors blog which I also hope to continue.

Funeral of a Special Local Man – Derek Maldon Fitch

Funeral of Derek Maldon Fitch

On Tuesday 12/5/15 Christine and I had the great privilege of attending the funeral of a special local man – Derek Maldon Fitch.

Funeral of Derek Maldon Fitch

VE Day - 8th May 2015

VE Day

During the evening of Friday 8/5/15, Christine, Mark, Vicky and I attended Maldon District Council’s VE Day sunset anniversary ceremony on the Promenade.

VE Day

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