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20 Aug, 14
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East London Cabbies Outing

Cabbies Day 2014

On Wednesday 2/7/14 the same Mayoral “team” welcomed the East London Cabbies Outing. We waved them in as they drove down High Street. It was spectacular sight as usual and the weather was very kind to us. The children looked so happy and the drivers and hard working members of our community make it a very special day for them. Many other engagements are ahead!

Mayor Making Ceremony Roman Coin Tradition

Many years ago a very special Roman coin was dug up in the garden of ‘The Lodge’, off Maldon’s London Road. The famous 18th century antiquarian, the Rev. Philip Morant, wrote about the discovery, accurately describing it as; “a fine Gold Coin of Nero and Agrippina, which is reckoned so valuable a treasure, that it is always in the keeping of one of the Bailiffs”.  Amazingly that coin survives to this day and is now in the keeping of Maldon’s modern-day “Bailiffs” – the Town Council.

Heritage of Municipal Maldon - Mayor of Maldon Regalia

Since becoming mayor, many people have asked me about the regalia. Foremost amongst the items is our splendid mace. Made of silver-gilt and richly ornamented, it measures 52 ¾ inches in length (the 10th longest recorded example in the country) and is 10lbs in weight.

Thank you for your continued support

An awful lot has been going on since I wrote my last blog (on the 3rd June) and it is still only the 17th! Amongst other things I have pledged my support to Maldon’s Carnival Committee, attended a barbecue in aid of the RNLI, been to the AGM of the Essex Council for Voluntary Youth Services, continued planning charity events, as well as the usual round of council meetings and much interaction with groups and residents in town. I have been particularly touched by your words of encouragement and support.

Maldon & The Great War

On the 10th June I also went to a meeting of a working group that is planning a commemoration of the outbreak of the Great War. This is something that is particularly dear to my heart, as I know it is to many of you. I have been researching the part that Maldon and Heybridge played in World War 1 for the past 40 or so years now. Like most other towns and villages in this country, the conflict rocked our community. By the end of hostilities we had lost 248 of our men. Many others had served or had done their bit on the home front and the scars were deep.

Opening Address by Stephen P. Nunn, Town Mayor of Maldon

Dear Residents and Friends of Maldon,

As a Maldonian born and bred, I feel highly honoured and privileged to serve as the Town’s 205th Mayor. As a local historian, I am conscious that the mayoral tradition goes back to 1687 when the very first mayor was appointed. The office was then re-introduced in 1810 and I am pleased to have picked up the baton as part of that special continuity.

Last Engagement of the Mayoral Year

Saturday morning (the 17th May) found Jeanette and me in Maldon Tesco. Not to do our shopping as most people would be doing but to give support to the young members of Maldon Sea Cadets and their Royal Marine Cadet Force. They were there to assist, if wanted customers pack their shopping for a donation and in so doing raise funds for their unit to enable these young people to take part in their training activities.

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